Zhaopeng Xing

1) Research interests
My research focuses on Healthcare Information Retrieval, particularly on studying human’s interaction with intelligent machines (e.g. conversational agents, search engines) in order to acquire health-related information. Recent work has been focused on conducting a usability study of healthcare chatbots and expected to potentially facilitate the research in patient personal assistant system as well as clinical decision support system.

2) Current academic status
I am currently a second year graduate student in the Carolina Health Informatics Program and a doctoral candidate in Health Informatics. I am also a research assistant of data analysis and visualization in Health Technology Initiative at Health Science Library.

3) Favorite hobby or relaxation activity
I love gym workout, playing basketball and traveling with my loved.

4) Book/s which inspired me
I was suggested Harari’s Sapiens for a couple of times by several guys when it came to the world. Some of them are entrepreneurs doing something amazing, and some are researchers dedicated to cutting-edge technologies. I read it for the first time for the admiration for their talents and twice for the insightful perspective to examine 70,000 years human history. Dr. Mostafa also happened to recommend this book to LAIR members and it may be the time to review it again for somehow helping with my PhD study and research.

I would like to write a book that reviews how information revolution and technique advancement happening in healthcare area in this age impacts players in Chinese healthcare industry.