Vincent N. Carrasco

Vincent’s experiences, as a neurotologic surgeon, educator, vestibule-auditory neuroscientist, and entrepreneur, represent a highly diversified health care career. He has a certificate in clinical information science (CCIS –CHIP 2012), is board certified in Clinical Informatics (2015), and, while a LAIR Clinical informatics fellow, completed a Master’s of Science in
Information Science (MSIS 2016) from the iSchool@UNC. As an NLM Postdoc Fellow I intend to complete a PhD while continuing my study of human systems interaction with information using neuroimaging and neurodiagnostic tools.

Our farm, Little River Crossing, is my rural sanctuary. On it, my wife, girls (4 live here), and I have explored so many things together. There, we built our house, raised and canned our own vegetables, started an apple orchard, revived a small vineyard, and cultivated hay. Until recently we raised our own cows, chickens and hogs. I love music, reading and woodworking. For leisure I thrive on reading historical and science
fiction, playing and listening to music and building or restoring furniture.

As for influences, there are many:

o Luciano Floridi stimulated my interest in the socio-ethical impact of information and digital technology.
o Claude Shannon’s A Mathematical Theory of Communication, and
o Robert Losee’s The Science of Information: Measurement and Applications introduced me to information theory and entropy.
o Rereading Donald Norman’s The Psychology of Everyday Things keeps me alert to how we interact with the things around us and how much better they need to be and
p Holden Thorp and Buck Goldstein’s Engines of Innovation, keeps me thinking about how to translate those things into innovation.