Personalization: Javed, Xiangyu, and Ketan in IHI 2012

Personalization is not a Panacea: Balancing Serendipity and Personalization in Medical News Content Delivery

Delivering consumer health information in a personalized way is a goal for many projects. What are some of the challenge? What are some of the advantages? What is the influence of serendipity in this process? The paper and the project in LAIR attempt to answer some of these critical questions.

Syndrome Detection: Deepika, Javed and Colleagues in IHI 2012

Automated Syndrome Classification using Early Phase Emergency Department Data

Detecting syndromes that may affect a large community in a timely manner based on the North Carolina based NC Detect Data Aggregation system is a goal for this project. An automated classification system and its utility is described in this paper.