Michael Ortiz

1) Research interest
I am deeply interested in the fields of genomic medicine and genomic data science. As we move further into the era of precision medicine; scalable, secure, integrative, and most importantly, intuitive, information systems and software will be a fundamental pillar of critical health information infrastructure.

2) Current academic status
I am currently a full-time doctoral student in the Carolina Health Informatics Program. Outside of my academic and research endeavors at Carolina, I am also an Associate in Research at the Duke University Program in Genetics and Genomics.

3) Favorite hobby or relaxation activity
I’ve had many hobbies in my life, but none are more important to me than spending time with my wife and family. We enjoy the movies, unique eats, art museums, botanical gardens, and great conversation.

4) Book/s which inspired me
In 2011, my father wrote a book called American Amaranth. A fictional novel on love, family, and war. The story elaborates on and integrates all three in very complex and deeply philosophical ways but somehow always embeds its messages without effort. At the turn of the last page, one can’t help but be inspired to pursue something of value and true meaning in life. The book has been at my bedside for the last six years and will stay there indefinitely. Its hard to think about a book I would like to write someday because in life we have evolving experiences and emotions. I imagine that if I were to describe a book I would want to write, it would be a reflection of a 28 year old me that represents the thoughts and emotions I have in this moment as I write this bio. Nonetheless, a book I would like to write would examine what it means to fail, why we fail, why we have fear of failure, why we dream of failure, and how to harness that fear and channel it into mental and emotional strength with a focus toward the pursuit of success because failure is just a state of mind, it is not the end of all things.