Heejun Kim

1) Research interest
Automatic assessment of the credibility of health information on social media

2) Current academic status
I am in the fifth year of the Ph.D. program at SILS and aim to graduate in summer 2018.

3) Favorite hobby or relaxation activity
Camping with my family is one of my hobbies. I recently had a chance to camp in the Great Smoky Mountain, but I did not expect how much healing I would get from being able to enjoy nature without using mobile (caused by the shadow area).

4) Book/s which inspired me
I would like to recommend “the third wave” written by Alvin Toffler. His insight is surprising because he could foresee the information age which is currently realized in 1980. It would be no surprise to read it today because what he explains might not be very different from what we currently experience. However, it would be fascinating to see what clues he used and how he integrated those clues to predict information age over 30 years ago.

Text mining is the core part of my research. Computational linguistics and tools, statistics and machine learning, and domain knowledge are all essentials for that. Unfortunately, there is still no decent textbook yet that covers both theories and practical parts such as coding. If I have any chance, I would love to write a book about text mining or a part of it.