Elliot Hauser

Elliott HauserElliott Hauser is currently a PhD student studying information science at UNC Chapel Hill. He received his M.S.I.S. in 2012 from UNC Chapel Hill, with a Certificate in Clinical Information Science.

Elliott’s research interests center around the problem of data description. Within the computational sciences, this involves accounting for the sources, transformations, and analyses that data have undergone during the research process.

His undergraduate studies were completed at Duke University in 2005, where he graduated with Highest Distinction. In between his undergraduate and graduate studies, Elliott worked in the real estate, consulting, and finance industries in Durham, North Carolina and San Francisco, California.

During the summer of 2012 he completed a Google Summer of Code-funded project in evolutionary informatics, sponsored by the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in Durham. This open source project will support the implementation of a minimum informatics standard for phylogenetics data.