Whither bioinformatics?: the promise and peril of an informatics-driven inquiry.

Mostafa, J.  Whither bioinformatics?: the promise and peril of an informatics-driven inquiry. Obstet Gynecol. 2014 Jun;123(6):1151-2. doi: 10.1097/AOG.0000000000000312.

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Javed with Weimao Study the Clustering Paradox and Scalability of Search in Highly Distributed Environments, 2013

Javed Mostafa and Weimao Ke Study the Clustering Paradox and Scalability of Search in Highly Distributed Environments to appear in ACM Transactions on Information Systems:1-40.

Personalization: Javed, Xiangyu, and Ketan in IHI 2012

Personalization is not a Panacea: Balancing Serendipity and Personalization in Medical News Content Delivery

Delivering consumer health information in a personalized way is a goal for many projects. What are some of the challenge? What are some of the advantages? What is the influence of serendipity in this process? The paper and the project in LAIR attempt to answer some of these critical questions.

Syndrome Detection: Deepika, Javed and Colleagues in IHI 2012

Automated Syndrome Classification using Early Phase Emergency Department Data

Detecting syndromes that may affect a large community in a timely manner based on the North Carolina based NC Detect Data Aggregation system is a goal for this project. An automated classification system and its utility is described in this paper.

Dr. Mostafa and Dr. Rich Medlin Collaborate on Writing a Monograph on Health Informatics

Dr. Mostafa signed a contract with Morgan-Claypool to write a monograph as part of an information science series. He chose Dr.Medlin as his collaborator (a board certified ED physician, who recently joined the Carolina Health Informatics Program), as they recently co-taught the Electronic Health Records course at Carolina. The title of the monograph is “What is Health Informatics and Why Does it Matter?”

Renci, Duke Colleague and MC TRACS Member Javed Publish “Patient Electronic Health Data-Drive Approach to Clinical Decision Support”

Patient Electronic Health Data-Driven Approach to Clinical Decision Support is a brief summary paper describing an ongoing collaboration on a next generation clinical decision support system. The MindsEye system takes advantage of highly interactive, rich visualization to engage the physician at point-of-care in analyzing and diagnosing a patient based on historical, cohort, and medical protocol data.

SIGIR 2010 Paper by LAIR Members

Work focusing a new distributed model for information retrieval conducted by members of LAIR was reported in the recent International Conference of the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval held on July 19-23 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Scalability of Findability: Effective and Efficient IR Operations in Large Information Networks

Weimao Ke, Javed Mostafa (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

SIGIR 2009 Paper by LAIR Members

LAIR has a paper in this important venue which bridges the advances in HCI and IR. Dynamicity vs. Effectiveness: Studying Online Clustering for Scatter/Gather – Weimao Ke, Cassidy R. Sugimoto, Javed Mostafa (University of North Carolina)

MICCAI 2009 Paper by LAIR Members

LAIR adds a new paper in an influential conference in medical imaging (MICCAI 2009).The paper presents how a balance can be achieved in terms of data representation and access latency. Image Retrieval for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection – Mayank Agarwal, Javed Mostafa (University of North Carolina)

LAIR Leading Efforts on Clinical/Public Health Informatics Education

Dr. Mostafa and Julia Kampov-Polevoi recently received funding from the NC Institute for Public Health and they also funding support from the NC TraCS Institute to develop several courses concentrating on two informatics tracks: public healthinformatics (PHI) and clinical informatics (CI).