Dr. Vincent Carrasco attended the ACM SIGIR

Dr. Vincent Carrasco, Postdoctoral Student at LAIR, presented and lead a discussion session at the ACM SIGIR meeting in Santiago, Chile. Read more.

“Identifying Neurological Patterns Associated with Information Seeking…” paper was presented at NeuroIS 2015, Gmunden, Austria

The paper presents new data using fMRI method on differentiated hemispheric patterns associated with topical and factual information seeking.

More information at NeuroIS.org

Co-organizing ACM SIGIR Workshop, “Neuro-Physiological Methods in IR Research,” Santiago, Chile

Please join this exciting forum to be held in the gorgeous Campus “Casa Central” of Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC Chile) and will be held in conjunction with the 38th Annual ACM SIGIR Conference. This campus is located in Av. Alameda 340, in Santiago Downtown, Chile. The workshop organizers are:

Jacek Gwizdka, NeuroIR2015@gwizdka.com
School of Information, University of Texas at Austin

Joemon Jose, Joemon.Jose@glasgow.ac.uk
School of Computing Science, University of Glasgow

Javed Mostafa, jm@unc.edu
Biomedical Research & Imaging Center, School of Medicine & the iSchool, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Max Wilson, Max.Wilson@nottingham.ac.uk
Computer Science, University of Nottingham

More information Neuro-Physiological Methods in IR Research – a 2015 SIGIR Workshop

ICIS 2015 Conference: Exploring the Information Frontier

Prof. Mostafa is an associate editor for the upcoming ICIS 2015 Conference: Exploring the Information Frontier.

Interested in being a reviewer?  Please sign up here.

A Framework for Balancing Biomedical Data and Task Complexity in Provisioning Effective Information Services

Mostafa, J.  A Framework for Balancing Biomedical Data and Task Complexity in Provisioning Effective Information Services. Read More.

An attempt toward consolidating 15-years of IR research.  A version of this talk, presented at the Information Discover Lab, OHSU, was recorded and available in Youtube.

“The Entrepreneurial Mindset — Maximizing Faculty Impact,” A Workshop on Entrepreneurship for Faculty Members at UNC-Chapel Hill

Dr. Mostafa was nominated by his Dean and later invited by the Chancellor to serve in this special workshop aimed at exposing a group of faculty members to entrepreneurial theories and practices, with the goal of supporting them to develop their current projects/initiatives. Dr. Mostafa participated in the team “Powering the Nation” (led by Laura Ruel of School of JoMC) which won the entrepreneurship competition.


Dr. Mostafa to Speak at “Content-Based Multimedia Indexing,” Madrid, Spain, June 13th, 2011

ViewFinder Medicine (VfM) System

It is an intelligent image browser tool designed to facilitate quick retrieval and analysis of MRI data. VfM adapts the presentation of content based on user’s search patterns and feedback. It is designed to assist a physician retrieve and analyze MRIs and currently supports access to the ADNI database of curated Alzheimer images. The talk will focus on his collaboration with a past student Mayank Agarwal.

Conference Paper: Content-based Image Retrieval for Alzheimer’s Disease Detection [PDF]

CBMi Conference

LAIR Represented in the 7th Academic Medical Center Conference

Dr. Mostafa was a session chair and presenter in the recently held 7th Academic Medical Center Conference.

New Rules! Putting Together Privacy & Security Policy, Technology & Practice in a HITECH World

Dr. Mostafa in the AMIA Joint Summit on Translational Science

TraCS Biomedical Informatics Core Director, Dr. Mostafa, recently participated as a member of the Scientific Program Committee (SPC) and a track chair in the AMIA Joint Summit on Translational Science.

In addition, based on work conducted in the NC TraCS Institute he had two presentations in the AMIA Clinical Informatics Summit 2011.

The two panel presentation titles are the following:

  • “Challenges and Emerging Solutions for Securing Medical Data and Applications” — with UCSF and Ohio State
  • “Meaningful Use and Personalized Patient Education” –- with NIH (Jim Cimino) and Duke

The abstracts of the presentations above included co-authors from NIH, Healthwise, Duke University, UC San Francisco, and Ohio State University. Dr. Mostafa was the lead author on both abstracts.