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Weimao Ke

Weimao graduated with a PhD degree from UNC in 2010, He is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Drexel University at Philadelphia. [website]

Lina Huang

Lina served as a Research Assistant at LAIR lab, working on ontology development and visualization. Lina graduated with a MSIS degree from UNC in 2011. She is currently working as a software developer at Research in Motion.

Ketan Mane

Ketan Mane is a Senior Research Informatics Developer in the Health Informatics and Bioscience Group at Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI). His research work focuses on applying visual analytics approaches in decision support role to help clinicians identify viable treatment options at the point of care.

Nicole Scoggins

Nicole Scoggins graduated from NC State University with a BA in Business and a Certificate in Computer Programming. She is an applications/analyst programmer at NC State University – College of Veterinary Medicine.

Vincent N. Carrasco

Vincent Carrasco has 25 years of experience in Healthcare as a surgeon, educator in academic medicine, and as an administrator. He has also been deeply involved during this time in innovations in medical device technology, imaging, computerized planning tools, hospital software and IT infrastructure.
Recently he has been involved in the public sector with the design and engineering of systems to improve healthcare including: 802.11 communication and data systems, satellite communications and real time location systems.

Rich Medlin

Rich earned his MD at the University of Texas and has 12 years of experience as an emergency medicine physician at Morehead Memorial Hospital and Carolinas Medical Center. He is now an ED physician at UNC Hospital and a Clinical Informatics Fellow.

Javed Mostafa

141210 javedJaved Mostafa
Javed is the Director of the Carolina Health Informatics Program and the Director of the Laboratory of Applied Informatics Research. His research concentrates on information retrieval problems, particularly related to search and user-system interactions in large-scale document/data repositories.  He also serves as the Deputy Director of the Biomedical Informatics Core at the NC Translational & Clinical Sciences Institute and has current research engagements in biomedical data mining, analysis, visualization, user interface design, and multi-modal human-computer interaction. He regularly serves on program and organizing committees for major conferences and participates as reviewer for major grant initiatives. Javed served as an associate editor for the ACM Transactions on Information Systems. for eight years.  He currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of the Association for Information Science & Technology and he also serves as an associate editor of the ACM Transactions on Internet Technology.

Translating scientific advances into health care improvements is a passion for Javed, and based on support from UNC’s Translational & Clinical Sciences Institute he co-founded a company concentrating on patient-centric decision support and streamlined care workflow called Keona Health. In UNC, Javed holds a joint faculty position in information science in the School of Information and Library Science and in the Biomedical Research Imaging Center in the School of Medicine. Additionally, he holds the title of Adjunct Professor of Community and Family Medicine, School of Medicine, Duke University.

Elliot Hauser

Elliott Hauser is currently a PhD student studying information science at UNC Chapel Hill. He received his M.S.I.S. in 2012 from UNC Chapel Hill, with a Certificate in Clinical Information Science.

Elliott’s research interests center around the problem of data description. Within the computational sciences, this involves accounting for the sources, transformations, and analyses that data have undergone during the research process.

Ashraf Farrag

Ashraf has been a jack-of-all trades in the IT profession for nearly 18 years having done systems administration, software and web development. His interests in CIS are security, data mining and search/IR/text mining applications for electronic medical records and data warehouses. In addition to his IT background, he also has had direct experience treating patients with electronic health records having served as a volunteer emergency medical technician in Durham County.

Julia Khanova

Julia is primarily interested in information use in teaching and learning, particularly in eLearning. The interest has evolved from years of working as IT specialist in both K-12 and university setting. Currently she am a doctoral student at SILS, UNC at Chapel Hill. Her research is focused on the role exposure to online teaching tools and methods plays in advancing pedagogical innovation and overall progression towards blended education that fuses online and face-to-face components.

Her other research interests include biomedical and health informatics education and information use in different domains with emphasis on contextual factors.